Zambian Report (8) by Dr Lyndon Bouah

Zambian report (8) by Dr Lyndon Bouah

The round seven today had the various match ups that we expected.

GM Kenny Solomon couldn’t make progress against IM Mwali from Zambia and had to concede a draw. On board two IM Daniel Cawdery essayed the Benko Gambit. It’s the first item I have seen him play it. The game was all about the queenside. At the end he and IM Andrew Kayonde (also known as AK47) drew the game. Roland Bezuidenhout beat CM Lyndon Bouah.

The games are still on but I am emotionally not in the mood to write too much tonight. This morning I wrote a note for the funeral of my dear friend Eldo Smart. I spent about three hours writing it as I tried to recall all our interactions over the last 26 years.

I shall do a good report for the next two rounds.

Thanks for the understanding.

Dr Lyndon Bouah

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