Dear South African Chess Community


This notice serves as an update on the debt owing to FIDE by Chess South Africa, with regard to outstanding
FIDE Fees.

The current situation is as follows:
1. FIDE has accepted a payment plan from Chess SA for an amount of €4000 (FOUR THOUSAND EUROS) per month, until the outstanding debt has been settled. Chess SA has already paid the first instalment of €4000 (FOUR THOUSAND EUROS).

2. FIDE has indicated that the suspension/ban against South Africa will only be lifted once we have paid them
an amount of €40 000 (FORTY THOUSAND EUROS). Unfortunately it appears as if the information sent out to Provinces and Regions has not yet reached all the parents out there, as we are still receiving enquiries about the eligibility of players to participate in FIDE events during 2015.

3. The debt, which is owed to FIDE, emanates from FIDE titles awarded to Players, Trainers, Instructors, Organisers and Arbiters, which had never been collected and paid over to FIDE since 2011.

4. The other part of the outstanding debt relates to amounts due by Regions and/or Provinces that held FIDE events. Either they had never been invoiced and/or were invoiced, but never paid the required registration fees over to Chess SA, in order that we could have been in a position to pay FIDE.

5. FIDE Training Academies that have not paid their annual affiliation fees to FIDE or Chess SA, since their official registration with FIDE.

Please note that spreadsheets have now been emailed to all Regions and Provinces, containing the names of all individuals who owe FIDE fees in respect of titles awarded, albeit Players, Trainers, Instructors, Organisers, Arbiters and FIDE Academies.

If you have received a FIDE Title (Players/Trainers/Instructors/ Organisers/Arbiters) from 2011 to date, and have not yet paid for it, please immediately liaise with your Region or Province, in order to settle the outstanding debt owed to Chess SA and FIDE.

All Regions and Provinces are requested to urgently settle their outstanding debt with FIDE.

All Players and FIDE Training Academies are urgently requested to settle your outstanding FIDE debt.

During last year the Chess SA Financial Director sent out invoices to players who had been awarded FIDE Titles. Unfortunately, this met with very little success in terms of the actual collection of payments.

However, for those persons who have already paid their FIDE fees, please do not take offence if your name is still on the list of outstanding payments. Kindly rather provide your proof of payment to the Chess SA Financial Director, via your Regions and/or Provinces.

Only once we have received the physical proof of payments made, will your name be removed from the lists. Please become part of the solution, and not part of the problem, by settling your outstanding debt.

Kindly also note that these lists containing the names of the Players, Trainers, Instructors, Organisers, Arbiters, FIDE Academies, Regions and Provinces who owe FIDE fees, will also be published on the Chess SA website within FIVE (5) days of this notice being published on the Chess South Africa website (www.chessa.co.za).

Furthermore, kindly take cognisance of the fact that if everyone listed on the spreadsheets settles their FIDE debt immediately, then Chess South Africa will be in a financial position to pay FIDE and we can be crossed off the FIDE lists within a week or two.

We urge you to check with your Regions and Provinces to see if you are listed on the spreadsheets.

We thank you for your cooperation in this regard and assure you we have put methods in place to ensure that this situation does not recur in future.

We now await your prompt payments and thank you in anticipation thereof.

Yours sincerely
Chess SA: President
Email: c/o: president@chessa.co.za Cell: 072 690 1730

Original file:

Download (PDF, 327KB)

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