Uganda report 11 by Dr Lyndon Bouah

Africa has a new grandmaster !

IM Abdelrahman Hesham drew with IM Daniel Cawdery to secure seven out of nine points and end sole first. In terms of the regulations of FIDE this secures him an outright grandmaster title. The title will be automatically conferred and ratified at the FIDE Congress. This means that Egypt now has five grandmasters. The other four are El Gindy Adly, Bassem and Shoker. Theoretically Egypt could field an all grandmaster team in the future. FM Andrew Kayonde tried his utmost and drew with GM Sammy Shoker. Andrew impressed me at this event. It was the first time I saw him and he played all three grandmasters and scored 2.5/3. That in itself is very impressive. He was the runner up with 6.5 out of 9. On board three GM Adly beat IM Arthur Ssegwanyi. On board four IM Adlane Arab beat FM Bomo. When I checked on the game Arab had a queen, bishop and five pawns against Bomo’s queen and rook. GM El Gindy easily beat IM Soares. On board seven IM Silva drew with Ugandan Kamoga. On board eight FM Wanyama beat FM Aguiar. On board nine CM Bouah defeated Panchol James. This  means that Bouah scored now three victories in a row. On board ten FM Kawuma beat FM Oussedik. He played well.

The final standings are :

1. IM Hesham – 7/9

2. FM Kayonde – 6.5

3. GM Adly – 6.5

4. IM Arab – 6.5

5. GM El Gindy – 6.5

6. GM Samy Shoker – 6

7. IM Cawdery – 6

8. IM Ameir – 5.5

9. IM Ssegwanyi -5

10. FM Kawuma – 5

11. FM Wanyama – 5

12. CM Bouah – 5

Out of thirty players.

In the women’s section WGM Wafa drew with Angolan WIM Caxita on board one. On board two WIM Wafa beat WIM Frick. On board three WFM Elansary beat Robyn Van Niekerk. All three players now scored 7/9. I am not sure of the regulations but my instinct tells me that the two players WIM Wafa and WFM Elansary also scored WGM norms. On board four WIM Latreche beat WFM Mwango thus securing sole fourth with six points. On board five WIM Mezioud  beat WIM Anzel Laubscher. On board six WIM Hamza drew with WFM Angolikin. on board seven WIM Mudongo beat Kabengano. On board eight Megan had an extra pawn and pushed hard but the opposite coloured bishop ending finished drawn.  On board nine WIM Domingos beat Ampaire from Uganda whilst WCM Michelle Fisher beat Stella Babirye. On board 11 WCM Joyce beat Nansubuga.

The final standings out of nine is :

1. WGM Wafa – 7

2. WFM Elsansary – 7

3. WIM Wafa – 7

4. WIM Latreche -6

5. WIM Mezioud – 5.5

6. WFM Mwango – 5

7. WIM Caxita – 5

8. WIM Mudongo – 5

9. WIM Frick -4.5

10. Robyn Van Niekerk -4.5

11. WCM Michelle fisher -4.5

12. WIM Anzel Laubscher – 4

13. WIM Hamza – 4

14. WCM Joyce – 4

15. Megan Van Niekerk – 4

The African championship has now ended. Tomorrow however we contest the Rapid which will be over seven rounds. On Thursday we play the blitz. We hail GM Hesham!

For the full results check out under Uganda ( Uga).

Reporting live from the African Individual championship

In Kampala, Uganda


Dr Lyndon Bouah

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