Tromso Olympiad comes to an end

The Olympiad has now ended. The players are travelling as your read this and it is now time to look back.

The revelation of the tournament for South Africa must surely be WIM Tsepang Tlale. She scored 7/10 which is a superb result and garnered a whopping 140 rating points to push her to probably 1940. She played excellently on board three for South Africa and I was impressed with her quiet determination and confidence.


All available statistics can be found on for your enjoyment.
A quick summary reveals the following :

The winners of the Open section

1. China
2. Hungary
3. India

The Chinese were in sublime form. I watched them in action and I must say they are very impressive. the bus are resolute and one can see the steely determination when they play. They are a joy to watch.

The Hungarians were a surprise for me because they were always hovering there. However when you have GM Leko on one and GM Judith Polgar on board four then you can be rest assured of a good result.

The Indians without Anand and Pentalya Harikrishna ended third! The Indians stayed in thd same hotel as we did. I normally arrived first for breakfast at 8am and I would be joined by GM Saskirian who was normally on his smartphone. The rest of the Indian team would then arrive shortly afterwards. A model of composure and self assuredness.

This is the first time an Olympiad has been in Europe by a team from outside Russia and Europe. Chess is indeed a world sport and is played by everyone.

In the women’s section Russia was first with china second and Ukraine third. The Russian women had Lahno on own and she scored that vital upset when she beat Hou Yi Fan. China was always threatening and the Ukraine led by Natalia Zhukova was third.

The matches were very competitive and things could go in any direction.

In the African competition

Open section

1. Egypt
2. Tunisia
3. South Africa.

Egypt now qualifies for the world team championships to be played in Armenia next year in March. Egypt basically fielded four Grandmasters as Shoker obtained his title at this congress and Ezat being on board three.Tunisia was consistent but South Africa was probably its own worse enemy. The draw with Botswana was costly and of course we should’ve probably beaten Colombia as well.

In the women’s section

1. Egypt
2. Algeria
3. South Africa

Although we held Egypt to a draw we probably should’ve done a bit better. I am positive however that if we play more we will one day be top of Africa.

In the individual performance areas

Kenny was basically picking up 0.3 rating points. Mohamed 8.2 , Watu lost three points, Donny lost three points with David losing 17.

In the women’s section Denise picked up 21 points, Anzel 18 points, Tsepang 141.2 , Robyn 27.2 and Michelle lost 6 points.

I trust that you have enjoyed the reports.

I will include the stats in the next report.


Captain Lyndon Bouah

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