SA Open report – dr L Bouah

SA Open 2016 report : The view from Down Under by Dr Lyndon Bouah

Since I had a loss in round one I started the day on board 35. Of course when a top player goes this far down then everyone looks and smiles. I was thus pleasantly surprised when I was joined on the surrounding boards by Dr Bhawoodien and Dr Southey. I played an aggressive line against my opponents queens gambit and picked up the point quickly.

On board two Jaco Nelson used his experience to hold SA champion Daniel Cawdery to a draw. IM Watu Kobese was responsible on board four for some theatre when he put on a show when his opponent Athon Willenberg offered a draw while he Kobese was thinking. This is of course not permissible as you must offer a draw before you make your move. Watu had all the arbiters running around and this was of course vintage Kobese.

WIM Anzel Laubscher caused a surprise when she beat Craig Willenberg. On their adjoining board Micheal Longano 2042 lost to SA B section winner of 2015 Litha Hempe 1745.

The rest of the round went to form.

The hall was overflowing yesterday with players from the Cape Winelands coming en masse to participate. It was also good to see all the Braille players as well.

In the third round it was business as usual as some order was restored. GM Strikovic beat Jacques Meintjies who would have relished the opportunity to play GM Strikovic. IM Daniel jeer played a superb positional game to beat CM Richard Mbedza. Kobese outplayed Cruywagen in a well played Sicilian where he essayed the text book style line opener pawn to g6 !

Bezuidenhout played some sort of Hedgehog and when he uncoiled his spring Saffier found himself wanting on board four. WIM Denise Frick the SA women’s champion played on the wooden board on board six and came unstuck against Joseph Mwale.

So this morning an interesting pairing has occurred. On board two IM Daniel Jere is playing Alexander Kromhout while on board three Ewan Kromhout is playing Watu Kobese. This must be the first time a father and son is sitting next to each other on the top boards in the Open. On board four Bezuidenhout plays Nashlen Govindasamy two young talents!

Erlank plays Daniel Cawdery whilst Calvin Klaasen plays Freddy Odendaal.

Interesting facts :

1. The SA Open was first played in 1962 in the Wilderness.

2. It was held every two years until the 1990s and thereafter every year.

3. In the A Section some players may statistically play a whole family as there are many sets of brothers. Glenn, Roland and Athon are brothers whilst Roland’s two sons are Craig and Kenny so statistically you could be playing the whole family!


Dr Lyndon Bouah

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