SA Open Observations – dr. L Bouah

Observations (4) SA Open
Last night I assisted in packing the hall with other members of the broader fraternity of the Western Province. There is always a special feeling when packing out new boards and pieces. I simply enjoyed the feel. I furtively checked where I may be playing as I am seeded number 8 at this stage. I was looking where I can sacrifice a few pieces!
Players were coming to register and then Gunther told me that there were 548 registrations! Wow I thought this is huge. I am looking forward to seeing old friends. We are playing in the hall where we played the National Club Championships in 2008. A few good memories with Steinitz winning and some tough games there.
The SA open is headlined by Grandmaster Strikovic who also came to register last night. It will be good to chat with him again. He loves South Africa and enjoys his chess. I told him to wait for me on the top bard in the final round as that was where I played him last year in round 11!
So with a deep sense of pride that the chess community is supporting this event I count down the hours to see the Sicilians, the Kings Indians, the French Defence, the Queens Gambit and the Grob ( Yes it even made its debut at the SA Closed last year after many years!) and of course the Ruy Lopez.
So lets get ready to rumble!

See you at the Opening at 5pm.


Dr Bouah

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