Reflections by Dr Lyndon Bouah

A few days ago I met the lovely couple of Larry and Annick Bevand from Canada here in Cape Town. We spent a lovely eating having dessert and drinking some cappuccino.

They were on a tour of South Africa and had visited Johannesburg, Durban and surrounds and now Cape Town. They enjoyed themselves thoroughly visiting the various parks and safaris.

Larry runs the biggest North American chess and math coaching programme. They employ over 100 coaches and he told me about the good work that is being done in Canada.

When we concluded our evening I gave the couple a book on SA chess written by Leonard Rietstein and they in turn gave me three very interesting books. The books are written by Jeff Coakley and these books are the top sellers in Canada. They make the lessons fun and give cartoons illustrations throughout the books. The book starts with a hello from Kiril the pawn. He then illustrates through a series of stories, lessons, maxims and other little subtleties what is required to checkmate !

I think it may be prudent to ask readers what are the best beginner books we can prescribe for new players. The books by Jeff Coakley certainly gets a high rating from me. Please write to me with your suggestions so we can compile a top ten list.

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