Reflections by Dr Lyndon Bouah

I introduced the concept of good beginner books last week. At the recently held chess Olympiad I bought 16 new books to add to my collection which ranged from beginner to advanced book.

An interesting book which I bought was called Journey to the Chess Kingdom by Yuri Averbakh and Mikhail Beilin. The book has sold over one million copies in Russia. The book is highly endorsed by GM Ivanchuk and GM Khailfman who both stated that this was their first chess book.

The book is divided into various chapters illustrating themes relevant for the reader. The book contains much that an experienced will know already but the way that it is packaged is something else. It contains various pearls of wisdom such as :

The three pillars of the opening :

1. The first pillar is the quick and purposeful mobilisation of forces ,

2. The second pillar is the pawn structure,

3. The third pillar is the centre.

Whilst the pillars of the endgame include :

1. The king must be an active piece.

2. The activity of the pieces and their co-operation.

3. The role of the pawns.

I quite enjoyed this book and will certainly be a useful addition to my library.

The book us published by Chess Evolution. It may be useful to look at

I also have a handy little book called Chess Tips by Peter French published by Absolute Press, 2007. I end off with five chess tips and will conclude each reflection with these Little Chess tips from Peter French.

1. As obvious as it may sound, pay close attention to every move your opponent makes. Why did he make that particular move? Is there an immediate threat that you need to defend against? Can you work out his long term plan?

2. When you see a good move,wait – look for a better one- Lasker

3. Always have a plan in mind

4. Remember that pieces increase and decrease in value according to the type of position

5. You will only avoid repeating mistakes if you locate and understand your games. Analyse your games .

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Dr Lyndon Bouah

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