Reflections (4) by Candidate Master Lyndon Bouah

Reflections (4) by Candidate Master Lyndon Bouah

Over the last week I have received emails and comments on the last columns. Thank you Ian Gilfillian for pointing out that he is maintaining a column on records on Wikipedia. Readers are invited to check the SA chess records. I have already indicated to Ian that I will send him some updates as well.

Bloemfontein chess club was established in 1921. They are planning a centenary so we should support those efforts. Thank you Lochner for your input.

I need some assistance with the following records :

Underwater chess: Yes underwater chess!

Eight students from Potchefstroom university set a record of 34 hours of underwater chess. Working in one hour relays the players (scuba divers) started at 1:30pm on Friday 13 February 1981 and ended at 11:30pm on Saturday 14 February 1981. They played 80 games. ( I’m not sure if they celebrated Valentines day back then!). The players were Sarel van Der Westhuizen, Koos Blomerus, Stephanus van Rensburg, Boats Botha, Henie Aucamp, Willy van Der Westhuizen and Johan Steyn.

It would be great to find out if these guys are still involved in chess. If you know them please ask them to write to me on

Simultaneous record :

On a visit to South Africa, H Meuhring of Holland played 56 simultaneous chess games in Johannesburg on 23 July 1955. He won 38, drew 13 and lost five.

What is our current record? When and where was it played?

Blindfold chess ;

Mr Ajax Cameron was reported to have played six boards blindfolded in Cape Town in 1920. Any one have a latest update?

The records were reported in the South African book of records by Lew Leppan published in 1999.


Lyndon Bouah

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