Observations by Dr Lyndon Bouah

9 November 2016

I am currently serving on a Task Team started by The Department of Correctional Services
(DCS) to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from Drakenstein Prison. As part of the event the DCS has decided to host a 27/27 minute aside rapid event as part of the celebrations.

A sponsor has been secured and I have requested Mark Lewis as the Western Cape Chairperson to assist in the process. It looks like an exciting event and I am keen to be part of the 27/27.

Mark will be meeting with the DCS today and will be finagling various matters so that the entry form can go out next week. The chess calendar is coming along nicely and this event is perfect for those who wish to have a nice one day celebration.

I plan to do the five (perhaps the ten) kilometre walk on the 11th of February when the main festivities take place. Who will join me?


Dr Lyndon Bouah

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