ChessWP news and events: Are you getting our emails?

We have noticed that many of our event announcement and news emails are not making it through to our players. The reason behind this is that email programs mark our communications as “spam”.

To combat this we request that all players follow the steps in this document to add to their safe senders list. After you do this, not only will our mail make it to your inbox, but email providers will use this information to not mark our email as spam for other users as well.

Moreover, we would greatly appreciate your assistance with educating your chess friends and club members on how to ensure that our emails reach them. Please help us by downloading the safe-sender document and emailing it on to any chess contacts you have. This works better than us emailing the document because a. they will not get it if we are getting sent to spam!, and b. we assume because you are their contact your email gets sent to their inbox.

Thanks for your help in saving our emails from spam boxes!!





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