CWP Individual Blitz 2013

Dear CWP members,

And the winner is… FM Donovan Van Den Heever! The 2013 ChessWP Individual Blitz Champion. Well done Donovan!

After 9 rounds of 3m+2s blitz chess we had an exhilarating play-off between Charles De Villiers, Craig Willenberg and Donovan. All in a matter of three hours.

With a wonderful field of 48 players consisting of the cream of ChessCube,  Steinitz and Chess Lounge; with David Gluckman and Charles De Villiers; with the young Chagan brothers and the very youthful Dheda clan in attendance, the organizer Mr Ricardo Minnaar spent every moment of his evening getting the details absolutely right.

CWP Players

With capable assistance from Supervisor Mrs Jacqueline Fritz the event flowed round by glitch-free round. Mr Gunther Van Den Burg was at his absolute best in pairings and punctual starts. We could not have wished for a better team of coordinators.

The games were fabulously entertaining with the eventual winner having to settle for pairing on table 6 after only 5 rounds of slugfest! Fortune smiled on Donovan as he systematically worked his way back to board one and a gut-wrenching final round play-off.

Thank you to Ms Bianca Dheda and WIM Denise Frick for providing the necessary spice to a hotly contested race for that elusive gold. Keep on fighting!

By the narrowest of margins, Craig Willenberg came in second while Charles De Villiers finished third in the final encounter of a grueling play-off finish. Congratulations to them both!

Youth player of the night was Rahul Chagan, a young man of limitless zest for playing aggressive chess. Prabhat Palraj is another youth player with big hunger for victory. These young men do not fear speed chess, they thrive on it!

Thank you for a  blissful night of fighting chess. ChessWP, you rock!!

Warm regards,

Dr. Deon Solomons
Youth Director
Chess Western Province

Full results: CWP Individual Blitz 2013 Results

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