02 may 2019

On the 27th and 28th of April, Crossroads Chess Club hosted their second open chess tournament in Phillipi at the Phillipi Village Business Hub & Container Walk. The big change was of the tournament days, as many will have noticed, the notorious Friday evening round was replaced in this new format (which is now 3 rounds per day). Many players, of different strength levels and ages, came to play in the event, it showed that we can have chess events in all communities.

It was a well run tournament. Thando Hlakula and his team made it a tournament to remember for all the players. The playing venue was very good, the conditions are one of the best I’ve played in, comfortable chairs, neat playing hall, fantastic bathrooms and having good air conditioning was really a big highlight! The food prepared was excellent and served well, plus very affordable.

The overall level of play was quite good but the underlying theme in the tournament was similar to famous chess quote, which says, “Forty good moves are not to win in chess, one bad move loses the whole game.” A number of players went home with a feeling of missed opportunities but will be encouraged to push even more in the next tournaments.
There were many prizes won and all the winners deserved their tournament victories. Here is the list of people who won their respective sections: The winner of the C section which had 166 players listed, was Umar Ismail with a huge 6/6 score, the B section with a list of 39 players was won by Michael Cuthbert with a solid score 5/6 and the elite section with a list of 14 players was won by International Master Watu Kobese with a commanding score of 6/6!

by: Dione Goredema

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