Chess Western Province SAJCC 2015 Team Managers


The 2015 SAJCC is coming up and we need to start getting our players ready and finalizing all our arrangements. Our results at the 2014 SAJCC were amazing and we now need to build on that and improve them. In order to do that we need all hands on deck – as such we need to appoint our Team Managers as soon as possible.
As the SAJCC will be in Cape Town (from 3 to 10 Jan) we are going to enter a record number of players/teams – in some age groups, numbers permitting, up to 6 teams. The breakdown of Mangers will be as follows:
• 1 Manager – A Team
• 1 Manager – B & C Teams
• 1 Manager assisted by apprentices – D, E & F Teams.
The Roles/Responsibilities/Duties of the Managers are as follows:

1. Communicate all information to your team and collate all responses.
2. Ensuring that all players are aware of all coaching sessions.
3. Follow up on all payments for your team.
4. Oversee the uniform orders for your team.
5. Attend the awards ceremony.

6. Ensure that your team are all present 1 hour before the start of each round for coaching and team meetings.
7. Ensure that your team coach analyses the games of your team as they complete their games.
8. Collect all cell phones prior to the start of the round and make sure that they are all switched off.
9. Check that all boards are properly set up and that each board has a clock and that it is also set properly.
10. Make sure that all your players have their notation books and pens.
11. Stay with your team until all games are finished.
12. Submit team scores.

Please use the following link to register as a Team Manager – Manager application. All applications must be in by the 15th of September 2015.

We look forward to an ever better SAJCC than last year.

Kind Regards
WP Youth Commission

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