Baku Chess Olympiad Report 8 by Dr Lyndon Bouah

The time is now 10:00am here in Baku. It is a Saturday morning. Each member of the team has their own morning rituals. Lauren, Denise and I went to gym this morning. It was quite refreshing. At 8:30am Winston, Kenny and Watu joined us at breakfast. The food is fantastic here and thus far our experience has been very positive.

As we know we have a Women’s team competing in the Olympiad alongside the men. The team has been playing since 1998 and since that time the stats read :

Played 380 games

Points  180 points

136 games won

88 draws

156 losses

The team has won 43 matches , drawn 17 and lost 52 with with a percentage score of 47.4

The individual scores are :

1. Denise Frick who is now playing her sixth Olympiad.

    Played. 53

    Points 25

    19 wins

     12 draws

      22 losses

      Percentage score 47.2

2. Anzel is more complicated as she played under two surnames. I have attempted to combine the results. Perhaps one of the readers can accurately work out the percentage for me!

Anzel is now playing in her seventh Olympiad.

She has played 57 games

Scored 25.5 points

Twenty wins

11 draws and 26 losses

For a percentage score of

Approximately 45%.

3. Michelle Fisher is playing in her second Olympiad.

She has played 5 games scoring 2 points, losing three and no draws for a percentage score of 40.0 %.

Reading statistics is as all of you know, an art form. Many of the players play on fairly high boards like Denise and Anzel that make scoring very difficult. The team is highly reliant on boards two and three to bring the point home. Our best Olympiad scorers has in fact been the lower boards because if our top boards hold the draw and our bottom boards win then we can win the match. African players in general however are lower rated than their counterparts in Europe and Asia.

So interesting stats and Jacky who is assisting me with the stats will send separately the individual women stats and team stats. Jacky kindly ensure that the women’s details are sent like you did the men. Thank you for your assistance.

Lauren and Jesse are first time Olympiad players and will make their mark in their Olympiad. Lauren played in the world team Championship with Denise, Anzel and Cecile Van Der Merwe when the event was held in Turkey so she has obtained her senior Protea colours. Jesse is the current zone 4.3 champion having won the event in April in Mauritius.

Let’s wish our ladies team well as they prepare to do battle with the UAE.


Reporting live from Baku, Azerbaijan

Dr Lyndon Bouah

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