Baku Chess Olympiad Report 5 by Dr Lyndon Bouah ( with the kind assistance of Jacky Fritz)

As we are flying over Iraq I thought I would complete my statistical analysis of the SA Open Team. South Africa started competing in Olympiads in 1958 in Munich. It then competed in 1964in Tel Aviv, 1966 in Cuba, 1968 in Lugano, 1970 in Siegen and then in 1974 in Nice. In Nice the team played half the event as it was suspended from international chess by FIDE after round seven and South Africa only started competing again from 1992 to the present day with the Women making their debut in 1998 in Elista.

In the present team in Baku the players stats are :

1. GM Kenny Solomon will be playing his tenth consecutive Olympiad and has scored 51.5 points from 97 games which is made up of 34 wins, 35 draws and 28 losses with a percentage of 53.1.

2. IM Daniel Cawdery will be playing his fifth Olympiad and has scored 18 points from 33 games which consists of 13 wins, ten draws and ten losses. His percentage score is 54.5

3. IM Watu Kobese will be playing his tenth Olympiad and has scored 47 points from 92 games which is made up 37 wins, 20 draws and 35 losses for an overall percentage of 51.1 percent.

4. IM Donovan Van Den Heever will be competing in his fourth Olympiad and has scored 14 points out if 23 which is made up of 13 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses with a percentage score of 60.9 percent.

5. FM  Calvin Klaasen has no record yet.

Overall the team since 1958 has accumulated 490 points from 984 games. The SA Team has scored 358 wins, 264 draws and 362 losses in individual games and in match play SA has won 103 matches, drawn 42 and lost 101 matches with a percentage of 49.8 percent overall.

The team scored one medal when David Friedgood in 1964 scored 83.3 percent (10/12) on board 4 to win the board prize.

So essentially we need our Open Team to now push itself over the fifty percent mark! I’ve got to run. We landing soon in Istanbul.

Regards reporting from Somewhere in the Middle East

And sending an email from the Emirates flight in mid flight

Dr Lyndon Bouah

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