Baku Chess Olympiad report 22 by Dr Lyndon Bouah

I find myself at Istanbul airport typing this express report. The Olympiad ended yesterday and we has to attend the Closing ceremony and get ready for departure hence my reticence at sending a quick report last night.

I am planning to do an in-depth report over the weekend so let’s  recap the events of the last round. In the last round the women’s team played Canada. we were hoping for an upset victory but alas fate conspired against us and we lost 4-0. With that loss ended our hopes of winning a category prize and possibly be in contention for a world team spot.

In the Open section we played Jamaica.  On top board Daniel Cawdrey who was playing board one for South Africa for the first time essayed the Svesnikov. His opponent exchanges into opposite colour bishops and from there only one result was possible. Draw.

On board two the lion of Africa Watu Kobese threatened to perform the famous Bolt move by pointing to the sky at the moment of victory. Being the gentleman that he is though, Watu simply accepted his win when his opponent resigned. The Jamaicans however enjoyed the repartee and one could see the high regard Jamaicans had for Watu.

On board three Donovan ran into a spot of bother when his opponent as White played an early pawn to e6. This cause a wedge in the black position. Donovan got out of it but he spent loads on time. We went down on three.

On board four Calvin Klaasen played his heart out and with the game starting at 11 we only ended at 4:30pm! He had the advantage but just couldn’t press home. I am sure he will find the win at home. At the end he had a rook against a knight and this however was not enough. A draw was agreed. So 2-2 with the Reggae boys.

I will be doing a big closing out report in which all the statistics will be highlighted.

For now I wish all of you well as we travel home.


Dr lyndon Bouah

Reporting from Istanbul

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