Baku Chess Olympiad Report 20 by Dr. Lyndon Bouah

Today was not a good day at the office for the Protea chess teams.

In the women’s section Michelle was able to score a draw against her higher rated opponent. We were outrated by approximately 300 points or more on the boards against Slovenia. On the top board Denise played the Exchange Ruy Lopez and defended her kingside but a few inaccuracies compromised her development.

On board two Jesse essayed the French Defence and in a time trouble scRmable played too quickly and lost a piece.

On board three Michelle won the exchange and agreed to a draw. She played well.

On board four Lauren allowed a huge knight to settle on e5. The knight made itself at home and was too be an important role player later.

So 3.5 to Slovenia. We must regroup tomorrow.

In the open section we lost ground when we lost to Venezuala. Kenny played a great game and held the highly rated Itterugiza 2650 to a draw. In the final position Kenny was a pawn up but his opponent had enough counterplay to force the draw.

On board two Daniel missed a simple tactic and lost a pawn early on. He then followed this up with a knight sacrifice on g7. His opponent defended well and Daniel was forced to concede. His opponent who goes by the surname Nogal seems to be on track for a grandmaster norm.

On board three Watu’s opponent slowed the game down considerably and did not allow Watu any chances. When all was burning next to him Watu continued to press to try to force mistakes but his opponent was up to the task. They played down to the last pawn. Drawn.

On board four Donny went in for a Bxh6 sacrifice which yielded no further checks. His opponent easily defended leaving Donovan a piece down.

So we lost 3.1

So this result throws us as Egypt easily won 4-0.

So tomorrow we will play hard again and hope our other opponents on Africa falter.


Dr. Lyndon Bouah  

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