Baku Chess Olympiad report 17 by Dr Lyndon Bouah

Anzel Laubscher beats record!

Proteas beat New Zealand !

Anzel Laubscher continued her fine run of form when she notched her sixth consecutive victory. The previous record was held by Claire Bleazard who won 5 in a row in the Bled Olympiad in 2002. Anzel is playing on top board today against Jamaica.

The ladies team beat Surinam 3-1 yesterday. Denise missed a tactic in time trouble and her opponent came crashing through. Tough one although Denise was better throughout.

Anzel played a solid line and once she got the centre she never let go. She played textbook stuff which included rook lifts and pins and skewers! One to show the students.

On board three Jesse was playing actively and once she obtained the initiative she never let go. She unbalanced the position with a fine Rook move Rd2 which allowed her to win two pieces for the rook. The two pieces outplayed the rook.

On board four Lauren chalked up her first win at an Olympiad level. She played solidly and in a mass exchange she emerged with an extra pawn. She still made life difficult for herself but she brought the point home.

The Protea Open team played New Zealand. This match used to be an Olympic given but in recent years the teams haven’t played against each other often. Donovan scored the first point for the team when he won on time after pressuring his opponent.

On the fourth board Calvin Klaasen didn’t get much out of the opening and agreed to a draw with his opponent after various exchanges.

On the second board Daniel Cawdery essayed the Fried Liver. This opening has really undergone a sea change with new ideas being found. Daniel loves to unbalance the position and yesterday was no exception. Play through the games for the enjoyment. He drew the game.

On board one GM Kenny Solomon restored some confidence in himself by outplaying the dangerous board one of New Zealand. His opponent played a closed game but Kenny was up to the task and soon prised open the queenside to invade on the b file. Kenny won a piece and the game.

Today the Open team plays Kyrgystan. The SA team is going for victory as Egypt slipped against Kosovo yesterday.

We are one entering the business end of the competition. It is often said the last three rounds of the competition are the most important. What you do now after today determines your final standings!


Dr Lyndon Bouah

Reporting live from Baku, Azerbaijan

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