Baku chess Olympiad Report 16 by Dr Lyndon Bouah

South Africa women scored a good victory against Pakistan today and in the process WIM Anzel Laubscher equalled the record set by Claire Bleazard in 2002 when she scored her fifth consecutive win today. Anzel now has 5/6 and could challenge for the board two honours. Winning consecutive games is normally a sign that a player is on form and that her eye is in. Let’s wish Anzel well  as she intends eclipsing the record tomorrow when she plays against Surinam.

On board one WIM Denise Frick had a relatively easy win when her opponent placed a knight on the rim which became grim.

On board three Michelle is going to kick herself for not converting a piece up. She played well to win the piece and then inexplicably gave the piece back. Let’s write that one down to experience. She drew the game.

On board four Lauren scored 0.5 when she was probably better. Lauren had to make many decisions and she chose to ensure the draw as time trouble was approaching.

In the open section Vietnam showed their strength by defeating South Africa. 3-1 when they fielded three grandmasters. On board one Le Quang outplayed Kenny. At 2723 the Vietnamese grandmaster is an established player and has won Aeroflot twice as well as a number of other significant events.

On board two Daniel played marvellously and just when it looked like he was about to clinch it, he offered a draw to his 2600 rated opponent. He agreed to a draw but at supper he told us he had a win. Daniel is really playing impressive chess and he was never in trouble.

On board three the Lion of Africa was at his best. The pieces were flying and sacrifices were in the air and played. I tried to fathom all the complications but it was clear that Watu was throwing everything inclusive of the furniture in the lounge and kitchen to boot at his opponent. His opponent absorbed all the body shots and at the end the players agreed to a draw. Tremendous game.

On board four Calvin found the going tough against his 2400 opponent. He showed composure and I am sure that he will come out fighting tomorrow.

Kindly note that report seventeen  consists of photos that can be found on the Chessa website.

I have also added a lovely final report on Uganda as well.

Enjoy the rest!


Reporting live from Baku , Azerbaijan


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