Baku Chess Olympiad report 14 by Dr Lyndon Bouah

The legend versus the lion

In round five yesterday Watu Kobese played Grandmaster Eugenio Torre from the Philippines This is the 23rd Olympiad for Torre who is world famous as the first Asian grandmaster. A complicated game with chances for both sides, Torre took the point home when Watu missed a potential win when he didn’t play his passed pawn up the board.

Daniel scored a good draw although he was arguably much better even though his opponent had an advanced pawn. Daniel possibly missed a win against the Filipino grandmaster. Daniel remarked over supper that actually both he and Watu had the same winning move pawn to a4! Can any readers check their Houdini programme?

Kenny went a pawn down and had to defend for most of the game. His opponent brought the point home.

On board four Donovan sacrificed a pawn and received good compensation for it. His opponent weathered the storm and objectively a draw could’ve been agreed to. The Filipino grandmaster however decided to play on with the limited number of pieces left. Donovan gave up his knight for the last remaining pawn but technique brought the point home for the Philippines. So a 3.5 to 0.5 loss. Heavy one but we played an all grandmaster line up.

In the women’s section we drew 2-2 with Nicaragua. Jesse lost very early against her opponent. Anzel pressed home a spatial advantage. Michelle dominated the dark squares but could not capitalise. Denise neutralised the white pieces her opponent had and pushed for a breakthrough but in a tight time scramble the two board ones agreed to a draw.

We attended the Bermuda party last night which is a nice way of seeing of all the players letting of some steam. Today everyone is sleeping late but I want to do some sightseeing so I am going to have breakfast now and then hit the road. Enjoy the day South Africa. South Africa plays Vietnam in the open section and Pakistan in the women’s section.


Reporting live from Baku, Azerbaijan

Dr. Lyndon Bouah

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