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Reflections by Dr Lyndon Bouah: The 6th Annual Claremont Chess Festival

I moved my first pawn in anger yesterday. It was the start of my 2017 chess season. The 6th Annual Claremont Chess Festival organised by African Chess Lounge and the Claremont Central Improvement District was joined by the Knight Frank Property group. The event consisted of a seven round blitz championship. I noticed two simultaneous displays […]

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Reflections on India – Letter 7

The time is now 13:30 In Dubai and 11:30am in my beloved Cape Town. I am on flight EK 778 travelling from Dubai direct to Cape Town. I am writing this somewhere over the African skies. I have now been travelling non-stop since 11pm last night 3 February 2017 when I left the Administrative Staff […]

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Nelson Mandela Rapid Chess Tournament

In honour of an unforgettable statesman and legend Mr Nelson Mandela a Chess Tournament of 27 minutes a side has been hosted by Drakenstein Correctional Services on 04 February. Twenty seven minutes a side is a unique concept which represents the 27 years Madiba spent in prison. Mr Manfred Jacobs mentioned that 2017 is exactly […]

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Reflections on India – Letter 6

It is the end of my third week in India. It was a very interesting week I must say. My typical day starts at 6:10am here in India. The reason for this is we have yoga for one hour each day from 6:30am. I generally get to the lawn where the yoga sessions are held […]

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