About ChessWP

Chess Western Province is the top Regional and National chess body in South Africa. We manage all Premier chess events in the Western Cape area and have the strongest adult and junior players in the country many of whom having represented our Region and the Country at local events and abroad. We have over the years consistently had the most Olympiad players representing South Africa in the bi-Annual event held every 2nd year.

In addition Cape Town boasts the ONLY Chess Grandmaster in South Africa who hails from Mitchells Plain and has been playing in Europe and abroad for the last 5 years.

Two of our clubs have also been SA Club Champions viz Manyanani Chess Club (2017) and more recently Steinitz Chess Club. In numbers as well as talent we boast the strongest Clubs in all South Africa.

Since the formation of the Chess Western Province and or National body, CHESSA in 1992 (unity) many of our officials have dedicated themselves to the development of the game/sport and have held the most senior posts at national level and that includes schools and tertiary institutions.

Our development in schools and our Youth development have seen fantastic results where we see our girls and boys making us proud at every level locally and Nationally and Internationally.

In our midst we find many doctors, Professors and other professionals participating in our Tournaments and some have even researched the benefits of chess for all ages and completed their thesis on various topics relating to chess in our lives amongst others.

Current SA Champ is from Cape Town. He is playing in Europe in a career move that could see him become our second Grandmaster! Good Luck to Daniel Barrish (aged 19!)

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