The Crossroads Library Chess Club

The Crossroads Library Chess Club was formed late in November 2015 as an initiative of the friends of the library programme. We have come a long way since then, in spite of the challenges we have encountered, no funding or sponsorship, lack of resources to facilitate the chess classes as the game itself demands financially.  

Living in an area that is infested with dire social conditions like Crossroads due to lack of extramural activities and other contributing factors, needless to expand further on that part, however the Crossroads Library Chess Club serves as a beacon of hope in Crossroads, for self development and instilling a culture of thinking let alone the attended benefits that comes with chess.

On the 27th of August 2016, we were granted a privilege as a late entry to participate in Western Province Chess League by Mr Deon Solomon. It was a monumental experience for the Crossroads Library Chess Club to take part in a competition of that magnitude for the first time, and also show-casing an outstanding performance by our players, Team A drawing first round and winning the second one and Team B winning both rounds.

Words can not say how grateful we are for the opportunity and looking forward to the next meeting, all thanks to the Western Province Chess League.

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